Type of Membership                             DUES

Couple/Family                                  $1260.00          PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PRICES ARE PRO-RATED NOW UNTIL END OF THE SEASON

Single                                                 $650.00                                 (With the exception of Junior Memberships)

Social Couple                                     $485.00

Social Single                                      $260.00         

Out-of-State Couple                         $1060.00

Out-of-State Single                            $560.00

Junior – age 10-21                             $150.00

Corporate Advisors:     $1000.00  or  $500.00

(Please call the clubhouse for more information about Corporate Memberships)

Couple/Family memberships shall include all children in school, including children attending college full time through age 21.

Single memberships include one person only.          

Junior Memberships include anyone age 10-21 who is NOT included in a family membership.


$150.00 (Minimum, Single)

$300.00 (Minimum, Couple)


Electric Cart Shed                            $155.00

Gas Cart Shed                                 $125.00

Seasonal Cart Rental                      $375.00

Full Locker                                        $15.00

Half Locker                                        $10.00

Club Storage                                     $12.00